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Your Conversation With: Mowa Haile - Shared screen with speaker view
Rob Rose
Thanks for joining us this morning, Rosy!
Lee Gash-Maxey (she/her/hers)
Good morning Mowa ~ all this time I never knew you grew up in Ft. Collins and were also a CSU Ram (of course I graduated long before you left East Africa! :-) )
Rebecca Church
I’ll have to run a bit early today, but I really appreciate the opportunity to be here. Thank you for your time, Mowa- so happy to be here and learn more about you and your story! - Rebecca Church, Transworld Business Advisors
Rob Rose
Thanks for joining us today, Rebecca. We will be sending out the recording of the entire program tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that in your inbox. See you at the next one!
Rebecca Church
Perfect- thank you, Rob! Really appreciate that, and I will definitely watch the rest when you send that out.
Dan Lewis, he/him/his
Mowa, what do you see as the most challenging barriers for start-ups and are there additional barriers for entrepreneurs of color?
Hispanic Contractors of Colorado
Mowa, we met many years ago, can you say something about the assistance of the Denver Metro SBDC? What did you find most useful from that consulting?
Lorena Zimmer
You are a great messenger for mentoring - Thank you Mowa
Heidi Messer
Love the signs! Simple and inspiring.
Nokia 3.1 C
Mowa you mentioned systems earlier. What systems would you recommend?
Hispanic Contractors of Colorado
You are certainly n inspiration!
Hispanic Contractors of Colorado
Luke DaMommio
Tony Dungy :)
Nokia 3.1 C
Mowa What is your advice for finding funding for a start-up?
Jenn Beck, Denver Metro Chamber
Writing that down and posting it on my desk for daily inspiration!
Laurie Troge (she/her/hers)
What is your favorite project that Sky Blue has done over the years?
Amy Vance
How did you structure your business development efforts and what BD strategies contributed the most to your success building brand recognition and job traction?
Hi, my name is Terry Montoya, I had missed the beginning of the meeting trying to juggle my business and I wanted to ask how we get a mentor and I took a picture of your sign lol.
Fátima Alhexia Boylen
Good morning everyone! Mowa - thank you for the great information you are sharing! Simple and important!
Dan Lewis, he/him/his
Access Denver, we have a class in August
Jenn Beck, Denver Metro Chamber
Dan Lewis, he/him/his
Mowa has his own Access Denver program...
Luke DaMommio
All great information - thanks y’all!
Jack Cummings
Mowa - What was your journey like going from no construction background to owning a construction company and learning about the industry?
Rob Rose
Terry and all, yes the Denver Metro SBDC has over 20 business consultants to assist you. Please call Kim Roberts at 303-620-8076 or kim.roberts@denversbdc.org for an appointment.
Anna Stevens
Good morning everyone! Mowa, thank you for all the great information and insight you have shared! I have to run, but I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and your story! - Anna Stevens, Small Business Majority
J. Calpin Custom Interiors Inc.
Can confirm the pain that the jump in lumber prices has caused :)
Heidi Messer
Is there one thing that you learned during the pandemic that you will take forward with you?
Dan Lewis, he/him/his
Mowa, as a commercial contractor, how do you view the future of the office? How much will the pandemic impact growth?
Romicha Cooper
Mowa, thank you for sharing your story and your journey to success. I really enjoyed learning from you today.
J. J. Ament
How important is it for business leaders (large or small) to be engaged with public policy and economic development - at any level? Why did you decide that membership dues are a worthy expense?
Rob Rose
Marvel and others, as a reminder, we have many consultants at the Denver Metro SBDC who can assist with you in this area as well. Please contact us at 303-620-8076.
Eric - 908-285-4596
I joined a little bit late, so sorry if this is a repeat question. I am starting a new business as a "Web and Technology Coach" doing websites, seo, but most of all choosing online services that can help their business grow or transform. Right now, I am struggling with how to engage with new clients. Does cold calling work? How to find small businesses in Denver area that need our services.
Rob Rose
Eric and others, we do indeed have 9 different Leads Groups within the Chamber. You can check them out at www.leadsgroupsdenver.com
Eric - 908-285-4596
This link does not work .. is there a typo?
Rob Rose
Sorry folks, Leads Groups website is http://www.denverleadsgroups.com/
Fátima Alhexia Boylen
Thank you everyone!!!